29 Years

Ummelina Day Spa
Yakima Valley


1986 – Sixth Avenue, Downtown Seattle...29 years ago the first spa in Seattle was born...Ummelina International Day Spa. Nina Ummel, founder began her life dedication to celebrate above all, your continuous journey towards knowledge and awareness for your Health and Balance.

1987 – Nina developed Ummelina Spa Formula – Natural Skin Care

1987 – Ummelina Tea Spa was born and Organic Tea Collection formulated

1996 – Fourth Avenue, Downtown Seattle...moved and grew 4.5 times in size.  Opened the current flagship Ummelina International Day Spa, Global Remedies, Tea Spa. A Seattle Spa Retreat.

1997 – Nina developed Essence of Ummelina – An organic aromatherapy collection

1999 – Nina developed Shea Butter Collection with Nana NKatiah Bosom

2003 – Nina developed Trans Derma Vitamins and Serums collection

2006 – Meghann Lawrence became partner in the company

2007 – Ummelina’s  first expansion – In Washington State Wine Country - Yakima Valley Spa Retreat in downtown Yakima

2007 – Nina developed Seaweed and Seamud Mask for Ummelina Spa Formula Collection

2008 – Nina developed new product to honor the Yakima Valley’s high desert environment – Desert Water

2009 – New Ritual – Aromatic Chair Massage

2010 – Nina developed Organic Zen with Lavender and Zen with Well Being collection,  Chocolate Butter, Organic Lip Collection and Soy Candles with essential oils

2011 – Nina developed Organic Reed Diffusors of Lavender and Well Being for Essence of Ummelina Collection

2012 – New Ritual – Grape Wine Peel

2013 – Nina developed New Global Remedies products from Africa – Marula and Baobab

2014 – Celebrating 28 years in the businesses of taking care of your Health and Balance…Peaceful Moments.

2014 – New Rituals – Medical Massage, Peptide Peel, Oxygen Resurfacing, Peptide Peel

2014 – Nina developed new Essence of Ummelina products – Vital Moisture for Body

2015 – New Computer System
– New Pure lip gloss with lighted wand
– New Neck Reserve Cream

2016 – New Organic Make-up Collection…Ummelina International Color
– New Bamboo make-up brushes and wands

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