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Meet the Tribe

Meghann Lawrence

Member/Manager of Ummelina International LLC

Meghann grew up in the Yakima Valley and helped her family manage a small cherry and apple orchard. Throughout high school and summers while in college, she worked at a local fruit stand and in the off-season as a waitress in the small restaurant next door. This gave her the opportunity to really get to know the people in the community, not to mention that her parents were teachers, and father was "the" football coach. She has maintained a connection to Yakima and the surrounding area.

Meghann came to Ummelina with a strong background in massage and work experience in the top rated spas of the world. From the beginning her exceptional skills in massage and working well within the company structure and with co-workers earned her promotions with additional responsibilities including hiring and training staff in the massage licensed area.

Her strong work ethics and understanding of the spa industry as a whole, along with her love of education and the ability to train nurtured a natural connection to the owner, Nina Ummel. The combination of their licenses and work experiences covers the complete arena of the spa's hiring field. This created a powerful understanding and respect from staff and Nina continued to groom Meghann in the daily operations of Ummelina.

Meghann is now Chief of Operations and Education including Human Resource, Inventory Control and administrative tasks.

In December 2006 Nina asked Meghann to become her partner at Ummelina.

"I have grown more at Ummelina in the last four years than I can even explain. Nina has allowed me to watch and learn from her. She has shown me how to look at the big picture to keep a company healthy. She has also given me the chance to truly run the company so she no longer needs to be involved in the daily operations. I now communicate with her and report to her the issues that arise and together we make decisions."

Meghann has been the catalyst to position Ummelina into growth. Together they continue to "polish the gem" of twenty years of being recognized as "Seattle's Best Spa" with a national reputation presented by magazines, books, and a client base of over 90,000.

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