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TEA SPA - Organic Herbal Teas


Global RemediesChoose from a selection of 26 organic herbal teas, blended in our Tea Spa and sold in either high barrier zip lock tea bags or air tight gift tins. We have over 250 organic herbs, gathered from around the world, and carefully stored in the Tea Spa Apothecary.

Each Organic Tea is formulated for its medicinal values and pleasing flavor, then blended for you ever changing needs… for Health and Balance. Relax and Enjoy your Ummelina Teas. Create your own Tea Rituals, enjoy with family, friends or simply solo.

Calming or Uplifting Organic Herbal Tea
Organic Herbal Immune Boosters Tea
Organic Herbal Teas for Romance
Organic Herbal Teas for Women's Needs
Organic Tonic Herbal Teas
Tea Brewing
Tea Spa Accessories
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Spa Gift Cases

Buy three products from our Ummelina collections and take home free the box that fits best. We will wrap it all up with our organic stuffing and herbs. Select from Essence of Ummelina, Organic Herbal...

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