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Global Remedies

Face & Body Masks; Exfoliators

Formulated to treat specific conditions of the skin.
A Home Spa Ritual to visually see immediate improvements.

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AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser - 8 oz.

Translucent lotion/gel with the light scent of Grapefruit Essential Oil. For Combination to Oily Skin Types. Underactive (Dry) and sensitive skin can use too.
Price: $30.00

AHA/BHA Mint Masque - 1.7 oz.

NEW FORMULA - Light mint green, natural Rosemary and Spearmint Essential Oils. For all Skin Types. This special combination of organic fruit acids naturally exfoliate the skin without irritation.
Price: $40.00

Aloe & Azulene Gel Masque - 2 oz.

NEW FORMULA - Cool light blue gel with refreshing scent of Lavender. For Underactive (Dry), Sensitive, and Dehydrated Skin Types. The effects of Aloe and Azulene soothe and reduce irritation The re...
Price: $30.00

Chocolate & Coffee Mint Body Polish

Apply this heavenly scented body polish to wet skin in the shower revives the skin to an incredible new feel.
Price: $20.00

Glow Mask

Eliminates toxins and impurities. Melts away debris. Purifies, Invigorates and energies the complexion for a healthy glow.
Price: $30.00

Glycolic Moisture Masque - 2 oz.

A hydrating creme masque with a double-dose of Glycolic Acid for optimal results.
Price: $35.00

Paypaya Creme Enzyme Polish

To Refine your delicate skin.
Price: $26.00

Sea Mud Mask - 1 oz.

Mineral rich clay and sea botanicals rejuvenate and nourish balanced to overactive or blemished skin.
Price: $15.00

Seaweed Mask - 1 oz.

Made with natural seaweed, this refreshing transparent gel, cools and moisturizes all skin types.
Price: $15.00

Soft Papaya and Pumpkin Masque - 2 oz.

NEW FORMULA - Soft thick and creamy light orange masque. For all Skin Types. This unique masque incorporates a special active Papaya Enzyme in a creame base to smooth the surface of the skin.
Price: $30.00

Sweet Spa Surprise

Enjoy this chocolate pair...polish your body and hydrate your lips with a chocolate kiss.
Price: $30.00

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