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African Traditional Healers & modern science have demonstrated the cellular & skin rejuvenation effects of Shea Butter, extracted from the seed of the African Savanna Shea Tree. 100% pure clay filtered African Shea Butter, not chemically processed. NEW FORMULAS, NEW COLLECTIONS! A favorite at Ummelina's.

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Chocolate Butter

Massage anywhere, everywhere! Very kissable. Enjoy! NEW RELEASE, JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE DAY...or any day!
Price: $30.00

Chocolate Butter Lip Balm

You asked for it...Just like Chocolate Butter in the heart bottle. NEW travel size for a chocolate kiss anywhere!
Price: $10.00

Desert Water Natural Anti-Aging Body Mask

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged & dry skin. Honoring Yakima Valley.
Price: $45.00

Shea Butter Collection

Shea Butter Collection of Desert Water Natural Anti-Aging Body Mask, Well Being Face & Body Mask, and Shea Butter with Lavender. 1.5 oz.
Price: $60.00

Shea Butter Massage Balm

Softens, Moisturizes and Soothes Skin. "The African Healing Salve"...this natural body balm has been exclusively formulated with Shea Butter, rich in phyto nutrients and Vitamins A & F. Organic Fren...
Price: $45.00

Spa Gift Cases

Buy three products from our Ummelina collections and take home free the box that fits best. We will wrap it all up with our organic stuffing and herbs. Select from Essence of Ummelina, Organic Herbal...

Sweet Spa Surprise

Enjoy this chocolate pair...polish your body and hydrate your lips with a chocolate kiss.
Price: $30.00

Well Being Face & Body Mask

Exfoliate, Repair, and Aid. For hand & foot care, calluses, cuticles, & hangnails; body/face blemishes, eczema/psoriasis, & topical dermatitis.
Price: $45.00

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