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Global Remedies

Lavender Aromatic Mist - 4 oz



Pure organic lavender is infused with purified water. Like a soft cooling rain from above, Lavender mists rejuvenate your soul and lift your spirits. Refresh yourself with a spritz of our aromatherapy face and body mist. As an environmental enhancer, pure Lavender essential oil mists turn any room into a heavenly chamber.

Home Spa Rituals

Keep a bottle of your choice in the car and use to refresh the environment and passengers. Great to keep you alert, calm the kids, and relax with traffic. A must on the family road trip.

Pack with your picnic to keep the bugs away, cool & refresh guests, mist onto bites, scrapes, and sticky hands. A favorite impromptu picnic or candlelight massage...mist grandma's hands and feet, apply Bath & Body Oil and massage with love. A most remembered touch. Mist, Mist, Mist...

Freshen your home before and after guests, or just anytime, anywhere.

Take with you to the hospital or while visiting a sick friend. Mist the environment, hands & face. Perfect partnered with the Bath & Body Oil. Sometimes when words are hard to find, aromatherapy and touch is all that is needed.

Always keep in your bathroom, handy for everyone.
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