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Peaceful Moments Bath Salts - 8 oz

Price: $25.00


For a relaxing, refreshing, and therapeutic bath experience.

Sea Salts, ground herbs, plant lipids, and of course the "Mother Synergy" blended together and captured in an Italian glass jar with wooden spoon. A true therapeutic delight for all bath lovers. Perfect for footbaths also. Nature's infused bath waters are the solution to your bathing desires. Known to draw out toxins to decrease sore muscles, inflammation, and water retention. Naturally organic, wonderfully aromatic.

Home Spa Rituals

*4-6 scoops of Bath Salts into running bath water, adjust to size of tub. Submerge your body and relax for chosen length of time. Simply take the time for a bath ritual.

*Begin the spa ritual by creating your bathing sanctuary. Favorite towels, brushes & sponges, candles, herbal tea, filtered water and music. Keep your environment set for any time you just feel like a bath. Infuse your water with the Bath Salts and for added therapeutic value include Bath and Body Oil, Synergy, and the remaining pot of herbal tea that you freshly brewed from the Tea Spa Collection. Remember your Ummelina Spa Formula facial products, Aromatic Mist and a seashell of Sea Salt Glow. Soak, cleanse your face, balance, apply Herbal Sea Concentrate, then mask. Soak, add 12-15 drops of Synergy, wave your hands through the water and breath deeply. Relax. Cleanse body with an Essence Bar, closing your eyes and feeling the sensation of your skin. Sip your herbal tea and/or water. Spritz with Aromatic Mist to cool and refresh. Sit on the side of the tub and massage your body with the Sea Salt Glow then submerge into the aromatic waters again. Go at your own pace. Brush your feet and toenails. Treat your hair to a deep conditioner allowing it to permeate while you lounge in your steamy bathing sanctuary. Rinse hair and remove facial mask with a big sea sponge full of fresh water from the tap. Your bath can be short and stimulating or timeless and deeply relaxing. It's your creation, your time to just be supported by the waters.

*Your family and friends will remember with fondness an Ummelina Bathing Ritual that you prepare for them. Honor the past or other cultures, where bathing is a common ritual to share. From the little ones in the family to that special person who needs your attention. Create their sanctuary, share life's simple pleasures.
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