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Passion Sea Salt Glow 16oz

Price: $38.00


The ultimate in aromatic body exfoliation with moisturizing oils, exfoliating sea salt, and the purest essential oil blend to leave your skin smooth and glowing.
Experience the ultimate in aromatic body exfoliation with Ummelina's moisturizing massage oil, exfoliating sea salt & ground organic herbs, plus our signature aromatic synergy blends that will leave your skin smooth and glowing. Captured in an airtight glass jar with a seashell for scooping. Colors are provided by nature. A favorite Ummelina healing gift for yourself or a friend.

Home Spa Rituals

*Always blend the salts and oils together by using the seashell. Breathe deeply and enjoy the aroma and visual delights. One shell full for the entire body, 1 teaspoon for hands only, 1 tablespoon for feet only.

*Shower Ritual: Take your shell full into the shower away from water spray. Cleanse with Essence bar, tilt showerhead away from your body and with your fingers, scoop out small amount of Salt Glow and massage onto your body. Continue until all of the body is covered and none remains in the shell. The salts will gradually dissolve as you gently massage. Rinse. If you shave, you can use the oils left on the skin to now achieve a very close smooth shave. (Do not shave prior to the Salt Glow.) Rinse again, then gently pat dry. The oil/lotion remaining on the skin can be massaged in more or just naturally absorb. For best results of all over body Sea Salt Glow treatment, use two times per week only.

*Bath Ritual - Follow shower ritual. Sit on side of tub with bathmat for salt massage. Slip into the water to rinse. A complete bath ritual when the waters have been infused with Bath Salts, Bath and Body Oil, Synergy, and herbal Tea. Remember your candles and soft music. A time for deep relaxation and renewal.

*Daily Hand Ritual - Keep a jar by your sink. After cleansing your hands, stir and scoop 1 teaspoon into hands and massage around cuticles, hands, and arms. Rinse and pat dry. Massage oil/lotion into skin. You will be amazed with the results. Always use after extra dirty and hand intensive projects.

*Foot Ritual - Stir and put 1 tablespoon of Salt Glow into the shell. Sit on the side of your tub. Run water over your feet and cleanse with Essence Bar. Use half of mixture on one foot and leg, massage. Repeat on other foot. Rinse and pat dry. For extra hydration, spritz with Aromatic Mist and apply 1 pump of Bath and Body Oil. Massage into feet and legs and slip on cotton socks. Use as often as needed for happy feet. Great ritual with a footbath bowl. Wonderful home spa ritual to do with a friend.

*Remember that Ummelina massage oil, when combined with water, will turn into a creamy lotion easily absorbed into your skin. The skin has a twenty-eight day cycle. During this time the skin sloughs off the outer layer of dry skin cells and replaces it with a new layer of skin. Exfoliation helps the skin to maintain this important balance of removal and replacement of cells for healthy skin tissue. Due to environmental exposure, the skin is forced to replace at a more rapid speed. Ummelina's Sea Salt Glow is the very best treatment for smooth, hydrated and restored skin cells. Enjoy!
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