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Vital Synergy - 5 ml

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An energizing and stimulating blend for the mind and body. Good for physical and mental fatigue, low energy, memory, circulation and as a digestive stimulant.

The phenomenon in which the combined action of two or more things, in this case essential oils, is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.
Ummelina calls them "The Mother", for each synergy creates their Essence Collection. These intricate blends of essential oils are a 50% concentration in organic Jojoba oil.

Home Spa Rituals

* 3-5 drops as a natural perfume for the body and hair.
* 4-6 drops into warm water of diffuser bowl.
* Infuse your bath with 12-15 drops after reclining into the water. Wave your hands through the water to disperse and inhale deeply.
* Create an aromatic shower, 4-6 drops into your hands and wave them through the air and water spray
* Deep inhalation, 1-3 drops into your hands, cup or wave around your nose and breathe deeply.
* 3-5 drops onto a tissue or cotton pad, tuck into your pillows & drawers, refresh as needed.
* 3-5 drops onto a wash cloth and toss into dryer with clothes
* Infuse a bowl of dried flowers, cones, stones or... for a natural potpourri
* 10 drops per ounce into non-scented lotions, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, etc. Create your own collection from our "Mother Synergies"
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