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UMMELINA has created several natural environments to transport you to distant lands, where for centuries indigenous people listened to the earth and gleaned its riches. On your journey to these wondrous places, you will be accompanied by Guides who are accomplished, sure footed and well studied. Your itinerary is one of surrender. These journeys utilize natures own salts, muds, oils and herbs lovingly selected from all over the globe. Honoring yourself you reenter the world renewed and well traveled.

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JOURNEY DUO - Couples Massage, Facials, Nail Care, Baths and Journeys

Most all of our Rituals can be done solo or duo. The price is per person. So double the cost and your ready to journey duo.

Journey to Eden

Drift on tides of solitude and renew your spirit and energy amidst the bounties of this marine environment.
Price: $330.00

Lunar Journeys
Full Moon Journey

Spend the day...Healing Waters, Herbal Sea Salt Glow, One Hour Celebration Massage, Fusion Facial and Seaweed Manicure & Pedicure. Spa Cuisine in the Tea Spa...renewed.
Price: $670.00

Lunar Journeys
Half Moon Journey

Spend a morning, afternoon, or evening...Aromatic Waters, 1/2 hour Celebration Massage, Revive Facial, Sauri Sauri Manicure & Pedicure...Perfect Pause!
Price: $345.00


Imagine the most luxurious and "scentual" body experience.
Price: $275.00

Mother's Creative Journey

"Pay attention to the pregnant woman. THERE IS NO ONE MORE IMPORTANT THAN SHE!" ~ Chagga saying ~ Africa
Price: $385.00

Pacific Rim

Journey Solo or Duo...enter the land of the Far East...
Price: $185.00


A trip for the men! After confronting the world of work, day after day, get away from it all.
Price: $365.00

The Equator

Journey Solo or Duo...On this odyssey, relax under a true waterfall or submerge in Oceana or Mineral Springs and receive the natural healing and restorative properties of the flowing water.
Price: $260.00

The Half Day Excursion

One of our most favored gifts!
Price: $310.00

The Ultimate Day Trip

"A natural experience in skin and body balancing." Spend a day in blissful discovery.
Price: $635.00

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