Ummelina Day Spa


The Ultimate Day Trip


"A natural experience in skin and body balancing." Spend a day in blissful discovery.
Begin your sojourn in the Monsoon where a deluge of sweet-smelling rain prepares you for a visit to the seaside.

At Oceana, drift away in this aquatic paradise where the waters are infused with mineral salts, algae, and aromatic oils. Delight as your skilled Guide gives a relaxing underwater massage, toning the skin and alleviating tensions while jet streams work to promote circulation and stimulate removal of toxins via the lymph system.

From the waters of Oceana to the magic of the Desert where mineral-rich, warm algae is lavishly applied from neck to toes. Gently wrapped to enhance absorption of the sea's nutrients, you relax while skin becomes soft, smooth and deeply hydrated like the petal of an exotic flower.The skin's best nourishment comes from the sea!

Next on your itinerary is a full Body Massage and Crowning Glory especially tailored for your individual well-being. Feel tension, stress and muscle soreness fade from memory as a well-trained Guide plies your body with a unique combination of plant lipids and seaweed and nourishes your scalp with essential oils.

On to the Herbarium for the Ummelina Fusion Facial, incorporating both the Revive Facial with a Healing Facial Ritual.

Complete with two spa cuisine meals to nourish you along the way, you will bid a fond adieu to trusted Guides as you end The Ultimate Day Trip.

Price range determined by experience level of Skin Care Therapist~ 6 1/2 to 7 hours.

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Ummelina Day Spa