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Body Treatments

We offer our Essence of Ummelina Authentic Aromatherapy in all our Body Rituals


Peaceful Moments - Peace and relaxation for the soul
Wisdom - Centers the mind and grounds the spirit
Balance - Treats anxiety, PMS, pre- and post-menopausal symptoms
Passion - Fosters romance


Vital - Energizes and stimulates the mind and body
Well Being - Stimulates and supports the immune system
Uplifting - Relieves depression and cheers the heart

Therapeutic Topicals

Refine - For silhouette slimming, cellulite reduction and detoxifying
Relieve - Releases tension and eases muscle pain

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Body Renewal

When you need complete rebalancing, this body ritual covers all the bases.
Price: $195.00

Desert Water Body Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged and Dry skin...
Price: $75.00

Desert Water Foot and Leg Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged & dry skin on the feet and legs.
Price: $60.00

Desert Water Hand and Arm Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged & dry skin on the hand and arm.
Price: $55.00

Herbal Body Treatment

To transport you to the seaside...
Price: $150.00

Herbal Sea Salt Glow

For smooth and healthy skin...
Price: $150.00


Restore healthy smooth texture to skin and revive sluggish tissues with a detox treatment.
Price: $195.00

Sun Worshipper

Tan without the damage from sun exposure.
Price: $120.00

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