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Body Treatments

We offer our Essence of Ummelina Authentic Aromatherapy in all our Body Rituals


Peaceful Moments - Peace and relaxation for the soul
Wisdom - Centers the mind and grounds the spirit
Balance - Treats anxiety, PMS, pre- and post-menopausal symptoms
Passion - Fosters romance


Vital - Energizes and stimulates the mind and body
Well Being - Stimulates and supports the immune system
Uplifting - Relieves depression and cheers the heart

Therapeutic Topicals

Refine - For silhouette slimming, cellulite reduction and detoxifying
Relieve - Releases tension and eases muscle pain

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Body Renewal

When you need complete rebalancing, this body ritual covers all the bases.
Price: $195.00

Desert Water Body Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged and Dry skin...
Price: $75.00

Desert Water Foot and Leg Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged & dry skin on the feet and legs.
Price: $60.00

Desert Water Hand and Arm Ritual

Renews, Repairs, Replenishes sun damaged & dry skin on the hand and arm.
Price: $55.00

Herbal Body Treatment

To transport you to the seaside...
Price: $150.00

Herbal Sea Salt Glow

For smooth and healthy skin...
Price: $150.00

JOURNEY DUO - Couples Massage, Facials, Nail Care, Baths and Journeys

Most all of our Rituals can be done solo or duo. The price is per person. So double the cost and your ready to journey duo.
Price: $150.00


Restore healthy smooth texture to skin and revive sluggish tissues with a detox treatment.
Price: $195.00

Sun Worshipper

Tan without the damage from sun exposure.
Price: $120.00

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