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Cupping has been used throughout the ages... Cultures have utilized the benefits for ailments ranging from headaches, dizziness, stomach issues, menstrual cycle, fever, pain, colds, congestion, infections and more. They used hollowed out horns, bamboo, various glass cups and more.

Over the years indications for cupping has changed but the healing benefits have not. Ummelina is honored to be offering this time tested Ritual. Our guides have been trained to consult with you and determine how cupping will aid in your health. We use cupping for many ailments such as increased circulation, pain reduction, detoxification, relaxation, digestive issues, and more.

With any massage, body treatment, or facial there are always contraindications and cupping is no different. Ummelina Guides would not perform cupping on clients with the following concerns: Varicose Veins, 1st to middle of 2nd trimester of Pregnancy, thin skin, severe heart disease or major organ complications, severe edema, inflamed skin, diabetic issues, other concerns or health related issues can be discussed with your Guide to determine if cupping is appropriate for you, it is always best to seek the advice of your primary care physician if you are in question.

What are those marks? Cupping can leave discoloration on your body. This discoloration varies from person to person. While some clients might see very bright purple marks other guests might not experience any. Generally these marks do not hurt and go away in approximately 1-3 weeks, but it does depend on your body. They may indicate stagnation in your system, previous injury, or muscle pain.

If at any time during your Ritual you feel discomfort we do ask that you tell your Guide immediately.
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