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Keep Healthy! Simple & Safe

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Germs, viruses, bacteria, fungus...we have always been aware they are around and the many ways to protect and keep us safe are simple. Yes, we are now dealing with a Big Viruses so let's keep it easy and healthy.

  • Cleanse: How many times have we been told to wash our hands! Make this a ritual you can enjoy, especially while we are at home most of the time we are washing our hands you can control what you are using. The key here is a healthy base of ingredients that will gently clean and keep your hands hydrated. Yes, any soap will do, but the stripping effects are pretty obvious...dry, cracking, peeling hands that allow viruses to easily penetrate into our bodies. Ummelina has always focused on hand and body cleansers that are safe and simple...Try our liquid cleansers and beautiful hand crafted soap bars from the Yakima Valley. Enjoy the smooth, soothing or stimulating bubbles while you cleanse between your fingers, cuticles, nails and hands.
  • Exfoliate: Have you tried our Sea Salt Glows? This is the very best way to take care of hands and body. Put a jar by the sink you use the most. Once a day, after one of your many hand washings, use 1 teaspoon on wet hands and massage away all of those dead cells that are building up. The aromatherapy is fabulous; the sea salts, ground herbs, plant lipids (oils) and essential oils plus our special coconut ingredient that temporarily suspends oil and water so all of this turns into a lotion while you massage it all over your hands and up your arms too! So no oily residue in your sink! Rinse and just tap dry your hands and massage in the oils that are left. Try this, you will be rewarded with healthy hands and no lotion is needed afterwards unless you are really, really dry to start with, then add it on! And this is a great family hand washing ritual too.
  • Lotion: Every time you wash your hands follow with a moisturizer, really. This is key too. Lotion, cream, oils they all will give your hands that extra layer of care. All of our lotions are based with herbs from the land and sea. The seaweed allows the skin to hold water, and the lotion will deeply penetrate. (Ever notice that no matter how many times you put lotion on your skin is still dry...Seaweed is the answer!) We also formulate with our wonderful "dry oil's from Africa and Jojoba oil. Concentrated, no need to use too much.
  • Ok, so you have a lot of lotions hidden in your cabinets? Get them all out, throw away any that are separated or smell off. Set a bottle by every sink you have and use them. Or take them all, dump into a bowl, add 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil per oz. then stir it all up. Now you have a protective lotion that smells great and you have used up old stuff. Put into a favorite pump bottle and use!
  • Hand and Surface Antiseptic/Disinfectant When we are out and about we need to stay safe with simplicity. Keep your travel size with you at all times, in your purse or pocket so it's easy to get. Anytime you touch something that someone else has touched, spray 2-3 mist of Keep Healthy! onto your hands and massage all over, just like you are washing your hands. It takes only 15 seconds and you are now protected. With your home size you simply spray anything that comes into your home and let dry. Spray clean surfaces, no need to wipe. Yes, it is a 62% alcohol base which is needed for this Big Boy Virus, plus Yakima Valley Lavender Hydrosol and the most powerful essential oils for protection, our Well Being Synergy and Clementine to just give us a lift!
  • What is hydrosol? It is the waters left over after steam distillation of the lavender stems and flowers, the juices of the plant. The essential oils float on top of the hydrosol and are skimmed off. All of the active ingredients of lavender are in the hydrosol, simple, safe. Lavender is the grandmother of all herbs because she does everything! Stimulates, sedates, powerful anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Her juices add powerful protection.
  • Herbal Hand Sanitizer For those of us that believe in the protective power of herbs, I formulated this a couple years ago to use on your hands anytime you can't wash them. It is an organic base of Witch Hazel extract and Aloe Vera gel with essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Sage, Geranium and Vitamin E.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy...Keep your focus on wellness and Keep it Simple!