Our skin care Guides provide treatment, education, and products for your skin’s needs with cleansing, balancing, and moisturizing in our signature Facial Rituals.

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Level one Guides have a mastery of their license and Ummelina Rituals and product knowledge.

Level two Guides are masters with 2+ years of experience, advanced education, Ummelina Rituals and Product knowledge, and return request.

Level three Guides are the experts with many years of experience, advanced education, Ummelina Rituals and product knowledge, and high level of return request.

Deep Cleanse Facial

Level 1 - $90 Level 2 - $95 Level 3 - $100
45 min
Deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, rebalancing

This is the perfect Facial for all skin types. The Deep Cleanse removes dead cells and provides deep hydration. It is especially beneficial for overactive skin that requires further refining and removal of impurities.

Fusion Facial Ritual

Level 1 - $190 Level 2 - $200 Level 3 - $210
1 hour and 45 minutes
FALL SPECIAL! High level of refinement based upon your skin specific needs.

Extending the Revive Facial with a longer period of consultation, aromatherapy, massage, extraction, vitamin therapy and serums, every detail refined.

Grape Wine Peel Facial

Level 1 - $90 Level 2 - $95 Level 3 - $100
45 minutes
Age reversal, exfoliating, evens skin tone

A natural multi-fruited acid complex derived from grape and wine extracts. The peel gently exfoliates the top layer of dermal cells and provides essential nutrients and antioxidants with the power of natural peptides. This impressive combination of quality ingredients makes the Grape Wine Peel a truly effective, total anti-aging Ritual.

Oxygen Ritual

Level 1 - $75 Level 2 - $80 Level 3 - $85
30 minutes
Increases the energy level of the cells, metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration, calms, soothes, deep penetration of oxygen

Oxygen massage is gently blown onto the skin. Used as an added treatment to any of the facials.

Oxygen Resurfacing Ritual

Level 1 - $135 Level 2 - $140 Level 3 - $145
1 hour
Diamond exfoliation, increased energy level of the cells, reduction of sun-damaged skin, age spots, visible small wrinkles, acne scars, oily skin, black heads and large pores

For skin rejuvenation and age reversal combining precise diamond exfoliation microdermabrasion, oxygen infused massage to increase energy levels of the cells. Face and/or body resurfacing. See the difference immediately. Series recommended.

Peptide Peel

Level 1 - $95 Level 2 - $100 Level 3 - $105
45 minutes
Anti-aging, brightening, lifting, firming, diminishes appearance of fine line and wrinkles

Utilizing breakthrough phyto-peptide technology to firm, tone, lift, and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with a blend of mulberry, saxifrage, grape seed extract, and vitamin C. This impressive combination of quality ingredients makes the Peptide Peel a truly effective age reversal ritual where you will feel and see the difference immediately. We recommend doing a series of this treatment for the best results. Add cupping to enhance benefits for a natural facelift.

Revive Facial

Level 1 - $135 Level 2 - $145 Level 3 - $155
60 minutes
Deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishment, increased circulation, rebalancing, hand/foot rehydration

The trademark Ummelina facial for skin rejuvenation. Revive Facial features deep pore cleaning, an enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and impurities, and nourishment with vitamins and botanicals. Relax with a soothing massage of the face, neck, and shoulders while your hands and feet are wrapped in warmth. The final touch is an herbal mask followed by a protective moisturizer.


Level 1 - $155 Level 2 - $170 Level 3 - $185
1 hour and 30 minutes
Soothing close shave plus Exfoliation, nourishment, increased circulation, rebalancing

A specialized custom treatment for our male clients. Combining the trademark Ummelina Facial with gentle aromatic steam and conditioning botanicals to soften beards and protect your skin. Careful attention is given to hair-growth pattern to eliminate common shaving irritations. You will learn easy techniques for a close, smooth shave and a simple daily skin care routine.

Sinus Facial

Level 1 - $90 Level 2 - $95 Level 3 - $100
45 minutes
Clearing, relieving and soothing the sinus and respiratory system, calms skin sensitivities

This treatment features a gentle cleansing, facial massage with steam and specific pressure points using Ummelina’s Organic Essential Oil Sinus Blend. You will breathe easier, your skin will be healthier with less sensitivity, and your simple home spa rituals will help soothe and relieve allergy/sinuses after leaving the spa.

Clear Back

Level 1 - $130 Level 2 - $140 Level 3 - $150
1 hour
purifying, exfoliation, nourishment, clear skin

Special care is given to this hard-to-reach area. Like the Ummelina Revive Facial, this treatment combines deep cleansing, extraction, and a soothing massage for circulations. All of this promotes healthy, clear skin on the back.

Add on Hot Stones

Same as the treatment you are adding this onto
Deep penetration of nourishment, release of tension

Add hot stones to your massage or facial. The energy from the heat, oil, and stone promotes deep relaxation. Honoring an ancient healing technique dating back 4,000 years. Warmed, smooth basalt stones are glided over the area and gently placed.

Add on Cupping

Same as the treatment you are adding this onto
Natural face lift, increased circulation, reduce puffy eyes, increase lip fullness

Using small glass cups a lymphatic massage firms, tones, lifts. Our Guides have been trained to consult with you and determine how cupping will aid in your facial care.