Aromatic Baths

Follow your trusted Guide as they lead you through a cleansing ritual into the pleasures of Thalasso/Hydro Therapy. Enjoy Ummelina’s offerings to your body and spirit. Enjoy a Ritual with your partner for the ultimate experience together. Prices shown are per person, so simply double the cost and you’re ready to experience any Ritual with a partner.

Add any one of our baths onto any Ritual to enjoy a true Ummelina Experience. Select two or more rituals, or explore our packages and take one of our wondrous Journeys.

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Aromatic Foot Baths

15 minutes
Detoxification & relaxation

An Ummelina Tradition – included in most Journeys and Rituals; can be enjoyed solo anytime. Soak in the infused waters with a massage on the feet and legs in our Sanctuary or Temple Garden. This bath features Essence of Ummelina Organic Collection. A refreshing treatment in the summer and soothing in the winter.

Aromatic Waters

Essential oil infused bath

30 min
Detoxification & relaxation

Our fragrant Essential Oil water baths are an extremely pleasant way to relax or revive using nature’s herbal extracts to lift your spirit and calm your soul, all through your sense of smell and underwater lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Healing Waters with Oceana Pak

Mineral water bath with scalp massage

45 minutes
Increased lymphatic drainage for detoxification, increased minerals in the skin for hydration and balance, decreases stiff and sore muscles

Essential oil synergies are infused in mineral rich sea water to promote overall wellbeing. Relax in our Oceana tub with a series of jet streams, plus the manual jets to stimulate circulation and remove toxins.

An Oceana Pak hair ritual while you lay back in the wonderful waters of Oceana as a mineral rich blend of seaweed and plant oils is massaged into your hair. This is a truly phenomenal treatment for tired, lackluster hair. A final herbal rinse leaves you with shiny, healthy hair and scalp.

Mineral Springs Soak

45 minutes
A self-guided experience, Relaxation, muscle soothing

Surrounded by smooth dark slate, the stillness calms your mind and settles our body. You soak in a deep tub, your back is scrubbed, and then you will journey to our multi-jetted shower. Shower and soak, shower and soak... The tranquil infused water of the Japanese soaking tub is supreme.

Healing Waters

45 minutes
Relaxation, removal of toxins, increased circulation

Essential oil synergies are infused in mineral rich water to promote overall well being. Relax in our Oceana tub with a series of jet streams plus the manual jets to stimulate circulation and removal of toxins.